GFCI won't reset, live outlet on same breaker


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Question GFCI won't reset, live outlet on same breaker

I have a GFCI in a bedroom that protects a nearby bathroom and another bathroom at the other end of the house. When tripped, it would reset upon pushing the button. Now, the button cannot be depressed further-it's stuck in the depressed position. I used a multimeter to check and there is no voltage in either outlet covered by the GFCI. Do these things just wear out and need to be replaced (it's about 27 years old), or should I be concerned? There are outlets running along the same wall on the same circuit breaker that are working just fine. Why would these two bathrooms share one GFCI rather than each having one? Thank you for any help you can give me.

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Yes, it's possible that your GFCI died. It's worth a try to replace it. But there are other things that might be wrong too, so it may not work.

It is extremely common for multiple bathrooms to share one GFCI. 27 years ago, GFCIs were expensive so we tried to use as few as possible. Now, wire is expensive and GFCIs are relatively cheap, so we're not seeing this as much.

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