Main switch and 3 dimmers


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Main switch and 3 dimmers

A lot of new and fancy dimmers available these days but none that meet my needs, so I bought the $10 cheapies.

Have a 400 sq ft room in basement with 12 recessed cans that I would like to control with 3 dimmers, 4 lights each (max 75W bulb) and a "main" switch to kill them all. I have a dedicated 15A run using 14-2G wire. This is possible, correct? With power into the main switch?

I have books on wiring, but the configurations are rather elementary. I wanted to get everything right before the inspection.

Thanks in advance.
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The $10 dimmers won't work in a 4 way situation. You will have to acquire 4 way dimmers, and you will probably give 4 times that for them. Look on the Lutron site and see what they have to offer in multiple location dimmers. In older applications, you could only have a 3 way dimmer and a regular switch, but with newer technology, they have been able to overcome this, at a price.
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I think that l Larry misunderstood what you want.

I read your post that you want a single regular switch to turn power on or off to all the lights, and that you then want three dimmers to control four lights each. So that the master switch must be on and then you can control each set of lights.

This is trivial.

Power through the master switch then to each dimmer. The output side of each dimmer runs it's lights as normal.

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