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Question hot tub hook up

Hey everybody just checking to see if this is right.

I am installing a breaker wiring and a gfci receptacle for a used hot tub. In the tub the label says it is factory wired for 115 vac 20 amp (3 wire). 3 wire means a hot, nuetral, and ground I think. The tub still has the 20 amp cord attatched so it is not set up for 240.
This tub would then require a 20 amp overcurrent protection device 12-2 wire to a gfci rec. in an in-use type exterior bubble box that I will mount on a post. Correct? The previous person left a 30 amp breaker and the beginnings of a 1" conduit system for a hot tub that I will replace with a twenty amp breaker. About the 1" conduit from a subpanel in the garage to the tub. It looks ok, however, the conduit goes from the tub location to the outside of the garage but not all the way into the gagage wall and into the subpanel. should the conduit be extended through a nipple into the garage wall where it would continue as a conduit all the way into the subpanel? Are my metods correct?? SFR hot tubs do not require shut of swithches, so I think this is correct.

Any feedback would be greatly apreciated!
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Your plan is good so far, except for the 12-2. Type NM-B cable "Romex" is for indoor use only, so you can use it up to the point the conduit exits the building. There, you will need a junction box to transition to another wiring method. For the outdoor portion, you may use either 12-2 UF-B "Underground Feeder" cable or pull #12 THWN individual conductors (black/white/green) through the conduit.

Another alternative is to extend the conduit all the way to the panel and use #12 THWN conductors the whole way, avoiding the need for Romex altogether.
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Type UF cable cannot be used for the outdoor portions of wiring for hot tubs. The grounded conductor must be insulated. In UF cable it is only covered.

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