Totally confused


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Totally confused

I have a duplex home with seperate panel boxes. Noticed that my fan was slowing down, then speeding up. Went to the other side of the house, plugged in a deep fryer and the lights on the range hood got much brighter. Went back to first side and found that the fan would slow when the other sides electric was being used. Turned on stove and that too slowed fan on opposite side. Have been told that sounds like poco problem. Any ideas??
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Yes, that could be a poco problem. But, depending on exactly how things are wired, it could also be a problem in the wiring on your side of the meter (the usual delineation point between poco and homeowner). It sounds like a loose neutral connection. Since the neutral connection isn't doing its job, the 120V power on one leg of the panel(s) feeds back through the other 120V leg - depending on loads, this causes the 120V voltages to go way low and/or way high. The 240V appliances should work fine. If left as is, 120V appliances and electronics will start failing or, at worst, start a fire. Call the poco ASAP to get their incoming connections checked (hopefully this is where the problem is) and then get it fixed (by an electrican on your side if need be)!
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This is a classic symptom of an open neutral. You need to call the power company ASAP; they will fix the problem if it's on their side or probably point it out if it's on your side. I recommend that you use as few appliances as possible while waiting for this to be fixed. The open neutral condition can damage your appliances.

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