Converting Ceiling Light to Ceiling Fan with Light


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Converting Ceiling Light to Ceiling Fan with Light

What is involved in replacing a regular light in the ceiling with a Ceiling Fan with Light?

Any do's and don'ts?

Anything I should be concerned about?

Can I do it myself or do I need to hire an electrician?

This is for the kitchen and the bedroom, I already have a ceiling fan with light in the dining room.

Also, if I want to do this in the living room, can I use an outlet on the wall? Or do I have to put in wiring in the ceiling? If so, how do I go about doing this?
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The box in the ceiling needs to be rated for and capable of supporting a fan. Most older boxes are not.

You have to decide how to control the fan and light. Via remote control is one way. Using pull chains on the fan/light is another. Depending o what you want, the wiring may have to be altered.

To add a new fan/light where nothing exists, you need to get wire from somewhere. A receptacle in the wall is one possibility, but it depends on the existing load on the circuit.
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2 CENTS WORTH from a guy who likes to read these posts_____ I read on one of these posts recently, that tapping of of receptacles from the kitchen, bathroom and maybe another area is somewhat of a restricted area for tapping into receptacles for power (forgot the exact details).

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