Leaving power off while on vacation


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Leaving power off while on vacation

Any reason I can't leave the power off while on vacation?
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I can think of several. They may or may not apply.

Food in the refrigerator and/or freezer will spoil.

The sump pump won't work and basement will flood.

In the winter the house will get too cold and the pipes will freeze.

You won't be able to put any lights on timers to make the house look lived in.

You will have to reset clocks all over the house when you return.

Your pool pump/filter won't run and the pool will get dirty.

You won't be able to close the automatic garage door when you leave or open it when you get home.
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I accidentally turned off the power to the fridge once when I was gone for two weeks. Bad smell.
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I accidentally unplugged a basement chest freezer a couple of days before leaving for a two week trip once. Lost the contents, the freezer and nearly lost my lunch when we returned. Guess who got to clean it out - maggots and all (I never figured out how they got in the freezer).

Anyway, why turn all the power off? You can selectively unplug stuff or switch some breakers off if you want to conserve electricity.
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Leaving power off while on vacation

If you are gone for a week or to, you really will not save that much since all that will be running is the fridgerator, freezer, clocks and a light or two. You will still have the minimum/monthly service charge if you have our type of billing.

Make sure you UNPLUG your computer, printer, TV and all cable connections in case of lightning.

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Hardwood flooring and wood furnishings do best if temperature and humidity remain at a constant year round. When I leave my mountain cabin, I flip the breaker on the electric water heater. I leave the heat on low there in winter to prevent frozen pipes. I am currently staying at my cabin this summer. I left my AC on at my rental in KY where I have very nice furnishings as compared to my cabin. I could have turned it off when I left town, but I did not want to leave my furniture in the heat and humidity.
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If you have an electric water heater, turning off that breaker is probably a good idea. I wouldn't mess with anything else. Be sure to turn the water heater breaker back on the first thing when you get home. Otherwise, the first person to try to take a shower will get really mad at you. Wonder how I know that?
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When I go away, I turn off the water heater. I also unplug my computer UPS devices. I then leave myself a note about the water heater being off. When we get home, even if we forget about the water heater being off, we see the note and turn it on.
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Oh, yes, I unplug microwave and tea pot. My TV, DVD, and computer are on power strips which I turn off.

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