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Smile EGC question

When replacing old wall switches that are in plastic boxes and no ground available (2 wire romex throughout house) I suppose all one can do is just ignore the ground screw on the new switch. correctomundo!!!?? Also I needed to install 2 plastic junction boxes (in the attic and accessible) to join a defective portion of another cable of this 2 wire romex. Cable was taught( as in no extra pull) ,hence the need for two junction boxes with a 2 foot piece of 12/2 g, between them. Question_____do I "cut" the ground wire of my new piece of romex at the ends (joining the two boxes)or perhaps pull it from the romex, or just tuck it inside my junction box?? "I tucked" Just need some confirmation Thanx
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When you install devices (switches or receptacles) in a box that has no ground wire (which is only code legal for replacement devices), they remain ungrounded. Nothing gets attached to the ground screw.

In your case where you patched a bad cable, you just leave the ground wires unconnected and tucked out of the way. If you used metal boxes the ground should be connected to the back of the box, but of course it would serve no purpose.
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Thanx Raycraft and have a splendid week-end.

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