First Post, great site..need electric help


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First Post, great site..need electric help

I am in the process of finishing an entertainment room in my basement and am starting to wire a bar/DJ Booth section of the room. I am using a new circuit 20A, and will have 8-10 pieces of equipment to plug in:

External HardDrive
2 Turntables
CD Player
Audio Mixer

I'll have the occasional cellphone charger plugged in at times and maybe one or two more things.

Question is, do i need to run many outlets (they will be run under the inside of the DJ Booth, or run just a few outlets and plug my audio equipment into a surge protector...and if so, what type of protector?

Thank you for your time!

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I suggest that you use two circuits (consider a multi-wire circuit). Further, I suggest that you purchase at least one good quality surge suppressor.
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If you go with the multi-wire circuit as the moderator suggested, make sure you you understand how to properly install this circuit (at both ends) , especially at the C/B (double pole C/B is recommended) , so this Novice is always "reading".
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I'd recommend that you forget the multiwire circuit. No sense jumping in the deep end before you've learned to swim.

You could probably run all the stuff you mentioned on one circuit, but two circuits would ensure satisfaction. Nothing you've mentioned probably takes that much power, but you can always read the electrical specs on each device to be sure.

There are lots of surge suppressors on the market. You probably don't need the most expensive one, but you probably don't want the cheapest one either. Look for a rating of how large of a power spike it can absorb.
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Thanks... I will run another circuit, but everything is working like a champ. I got an APC 11 outlet surge protector, used up 6 of them.



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