440 help please


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440 help please

This was asked by a friend and trying to find the answer. TY

i need to convert 220 volts to 110. it is a generator that is 440 volts and i would pull of one of the sides of the panel making it 220. all i have heard is that i cant do it. i was an electrician buts its been a while. so i could pull wire and hook something up if someone could just tell me if there is such a thing and where i can get it
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Generators that produce over 400V are usually in 480V three-phase configuration, which means that you can get either 480V or 277V in single-phase, but you cannot get 240V or 120V without a transformer. Do you know what power configuration the generator produces?
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You need to get the wiring diagram for the generator.

Some generators bring lots of terminals out of the alternator; by suitable connection you can get anything from 120/240V single phase to 480/277V wye. See http://www.electrical-contractor.net/Forums/ubbthreads.php/ubb/showflat/Forum/15/topic/000091/Number/0/site_id/1

The generator will have a voltage regulator; the voltage regulator must match the alternator connection or the system won't work properly.

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Thank you, Will pass it on, Joe
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There is such a thing as 3phase 440 volts but the only place I worked on them is in ships. You may need to get a step down 2:1 ratio single phase transformer to obtain 220v. This is not something you find at any big box store and would have to look into supply houses to find one.
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480 volts is NOT a DIY project, call a qualified electrician.
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also you have to think of safety there on 480 volts which it is really out of the reach of diy work.

and let the Electrician hook up the generator in proper way and the electrician can change the voltage connection if the generator system allow to do so. and other subsystem like transformer etc let the electrician do this because the 3 phase system is very tricky and one wrong move you can get hurt very bad from this.

Merci , Marc

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