Have light switch need receptacle


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Question Have light switch need receptacle

The only outlet my bathroom has is the one in the medicine cabinet. I want to add a receptacle to the light switch near the door. The house was built around 1950 with copper wiring but no wires for grounding. Can this be done? Is it much more complicated than replacing switches or receptacles/ I've done a lot of those since buying the house.

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First with the breaker off (or fuse removed) you need to take the cover off the switch and tell us all the wires there. Also is it cable or some sort of metal conduit to the switch box. If you have only two wires (one cable) you probably have a switch loop and can not add a receptacle.

Running a new circuit may be your best option. You might also be able to run a receptacle from one on the opposite side of the bathroom wall but there are load and code considerations that might prevent that. What will the receptacle be used for?
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To be up to code you probably cannot use this circuit. What you do now must be up to today's code, which means that the circuit needs to be grounded, the circuit must be 20 amps, and the circuit cannot serve anything outside the bathroom. I doubt your circuit to this light meets these requirements.

Your only option up to code is a new circuit.

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