Electrical switches in Glass Block Walls


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Electrical switches in Glass Block Walls

Hi: I'm replacing a dry wall wall with a glass block half wall. I wanted to know if anybody had any suggestions for how to install the light switches?

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Surface race unless you can come from the bottom. Or perhaps a pull string switch from a ceiling box near the wall. Or a remote control module. Or, code permitting, move to the next nearest solid wall
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I can figure out how to mount things in the glass block if you really want that but it will be as ugly as sin.

I would look to move the switches to another wall or depending if the wall allows, reinstall in the same wall.

How high is the lower part of the wall (presuming this is still stud and drywall). does this wall abut a door opening? How are you going to address that issue? If it is, you could build a wall to the ceiling of stud and drywall but only 6 or 8 inches wide. This would allow the door frame as well as the light switch placement.
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Yes you can if you really want to

Hi Bob,
I install glass blocks in Australia.
To do what you want to do you must use a mortar sytem of installation not a silicone system because the mortar joints are wider and you can run wiring and even narrow plumbing pipes through the joints (best if you lay it freehand and don't use spacers as they may get in the way)
I don't know if there are slim looking wall boxes for the electrical switch but you will need to mount it on the surface of the glass brick wall not recessed like a dry wall.
Mortar joints are also wide enough to (carefully) drill a hole and use plastic plugs to screw mount on to the wall.
I have even seen toilet cisterns mounted on to glass block walls and they actually look good so your light switch should work ok.
If this sounds too hard then you may consider moving the switch or getting a professional installer to lay the glass bricks for you.
Good Luck!
check out the facts & info page of my web site for any other questions you might have and if the answer isn't there then email me.
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Keep in mind, electrical materials, code, and practice can be very different in Australia, so how to wire with glass blocks might be different than in the USA.

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