plug-in timer for a/c


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plug-in timer for a/c

I have a 6000 btu air conditioner window unit that says on it - input 620watts, 115volt-60htz 6 amp. I have an appliance timer that says - 125volt/60hz, 15amp general purpose/[email protected], 1250W [email protected] Will this timer be adequate for turning the ac on/off 4 times a day or do I need a more heavy duty timer.(doesnt an ac pull alot of amps when the compressor cycles on and off)Thank you.
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It should work fine.
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Yes a compressor pulls s lot of current on start up. Up to to 3 times as much as the RLA. If the compressor is old and sluggish, and or has maintenance problem, like dirty condensor, dirty evap coil , short cycling etc. even more. Personally myself I wouldn't use it. Just my opinion. I'm just a itsy bitsy teeny weeny small fry HVAC contractor. I don't involve myself in window type Air Conditioners but......
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> 15amp general purpose/[email protected], 1250W [email protected]

You need a motor timer which is rated for the start-up current associated with inductive loads; a 1HP rating would be sufficient for this A/C. Your timer is rated for resistive loads (lighting) which do not have start-up current spikes.
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followup to Ibpooks

thanks for replying - In a hurry yesterday to see if this timer would work I pluged it in and it does work but I suspect that you may be correct in cautioning against it. What could be the downside in theory of using it rather than an inductive rated model? - overheating? just stop working? tripping the breaker on the circut? just curious, thanks
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Really it will be more wiser to get HD or applaince timer they have much heveier duty concats and also with HD timers have full 3 blade repectale than standard timers useally have run of mill 2 blade types

and they useally cost more than standard type

also with standard duty timers if you run A/C or heater or high power deivces you can overheat the timer pretty easy as well.

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