Favorite drill


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Favorite drill

I'm slowly fishing new circuits in my 86 year old house, and I keep having to bore through these big oak boards. My 5 year old 18v DeWalt has a hard time getting though them, and still is sometimes too big to get it where I'd like. I was looking at the new 18v Makita BDF452HW as it uses LiOn batteries and claims to be small with lots of torque. But then I'm also thinking I'd be better off getting a little corded drill. So I'm asking what drills have you had the best luck with for general electrical work.

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I like to use a Milwaukee 1/2 in right-angle drill for drilling studs. I also have an older Chicago 1/2 in low speed which has lots of power. Try to find bits which can be sharpened. A sharp bit saves a lot of work.
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Cordless tools are great for smaller jobs. But if you've got a lot to do, I prefer corded.
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Home Depot and others sell right angle adapters. Combine that with a $50-$60 dollar drill from a manufacturer like Black and Decker that should last for a year or two and do a much better job then any battery drill. Actually I usually by a rotary impact drill. Works fine for every day use and for occasional concrete work indispensable.
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For you, A nice reasonably priced 1/2" drill (corded), good tork and not too fast. The bit is realy the most critical part of this operation, get a good (or 2) auger bits that can be touched up.
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Cordless is convenient, but even a small corded drill will usually have more nuts - I was putting screws in the floor of my in-laws' lake place when it was being built and used the carpenter's 18V DeWalt at first, but then he took it out of there and I switched to a 3/8" corded Craftsman that I had and it put the screws in more quickly.
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I like to use the Makita 1/2" drill and a nice sharp wood auger bit (7/8"). The 1/2" Makita has lots of torque and it can easily spin a large hole saw (I've used up to a 5" for installing pot lights) and makes short work of any rim joist when using a forstener bit. The makita 1/2" angle drill does a great job of drilling any studs.

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