foreign made appliance question


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Red face foreign made appliance question

I never mess with electricity but need some guidance. I bought a soldering iron/hot knife at a yard sale(!) I wanted a hot knife and so bought it cheap. Of course I didnt look at it closely until got home. The plug is not for American outlets. It has 2 round prongs. The appliance itself is marked "30W-220V". But the plug is marked "8A 250 V". It says made in Japan.
If I take this to an electric guy, can he change the plug? Do I need a converter? Or should I just recycle the whole thing? I know, you get what you pay for. I'll never learn.
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You can have the plug changed , but the soldering iron will still need 240 volts to work properly. You wont get it to work on 120 volt.
Even if you change the plug you would need to pug it into a 240 volt circuit which probably means having a new circuit run in your home/shop in order to use this thing.
Probably could have bought a new one for the cost of running the new circuit.
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Thanks. It is definitely going to recycling center. I'm going to buy one that already works! I only wanted a hot knife for hobby use. I know Xacto makes one.
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You could use a small travel transformer. It will have a standard 120V plug and a socket and adapters for most foreign plugs. It might be a bit harder to fine one to convert American power for foreign appliances though.,
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You probably can't safely plug it into a 240v US receptacle. It is probably designed to work on a 240 receptacle where one leg is neutral. Both are hot on a US circuit. As you said recycle bin is best option.
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I doubt very much whether the device will care if the 240 volts is ground to 240 (as in foreign power) or 120 volts on either side of ground (as in North American power).

However, the expense of adding a 240 volt circuit or in buying an adapter may make it better to scrap it.
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I was thinking safety issues such as single pole switch but you are right.

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