flood light blinks on and off


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flood light blinks on and off

My flood light will stay on for a while then blink off and come on again.
all connection on the light are secure. Could this be a ground connection issue? The light is new. Help please
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Is it switched? Have you checked connections there?
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I suspect that it is either heat or a motion sensor issue. Are you using the right size bulbs? Is there a motion sensor?
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Temporarily switch the bulb to a 40-watt bulb. If it stops doing it, then it's a heat issue.
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You do not provide much information as to where this floodlight is used. If it is an outdoor fixture, is there a photocell? Be sure light from the bulbs are not shining into the cell, as this will fool it into thinking it is daytime, thus turning the lights off. The lights will then turn back on, and so on....
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Sounds like a thermally protected light fixture. Downsize the bulb and see what happens. How long does this light stay on before it goes out? Is there a photocell or motion detector? Give us more info so we can give you more accurate advice.

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