Bathroom light switch question


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Bathroom light switch question

Hi! I am trying to change out the light switch in my bathroom. The switch I currently have installed had the easy wiring holes on the back, as well as the screws on the side. The fan wire is in one of the holes, and the light wire is on the side attached to one of the screws. The switch I want to change it to doesn't have the easy wiring holes. Can i attach both the fan and light wores to the same side screw or do I need to buy a better switch? Thanks!
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You need to splice these 2 wires together, add a pigtail, place a wirenut on the splice and then wrap the pigtailed wire around the screw.
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Got it, Thanks!!
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Rollie73 gave you the answer. However, I want to expand on that.

NEVER use the easy wiring holes, or back stab holes, as they are more commonly called. This method of wiring, although code legal, is not reliable. Over time the back stabs fail and the connections open. This happens mostly on receptacles, but can happen on switches, too. Always either use the screw terminals, even if it means pigtailing, or better yet, use back wire devices.

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