Abandoned wiring


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Abandoned wiring

Is there a "Proper" way to abandon a circuit? Nip, tuck and dont look at it ever again?
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I usually tag all my abandon wire in a panel & cap it w/a wire nut/tape if not pulled out so future workers will be notified if they are looking or tracing a wire. Can't remember what NEC says, maybe some others can chimes in here.
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I try to remove as much of it as possible, what cant be removed I tape off the ends,mark as anbondoned and bury the remains behind the wall board. At the panel it I wire nut and tape it, remove it from the panel, coil it up and mark it as abondoned and usually give a reason why ,so that someone else wont try to use the circuit at a later date. Usually if you remove all the outlet boxes and put some good old elbow grease into it , you can get all of the circuit out, but there is always that one stubborn staple.
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The proper way is to cut the wires and push them out of the box into the wall cavity on both ends of the abandoned cable. This prevents someone from accidentally connecting one end and have the other end cut-off and live in the wall. If you think the wires may have a future use, just cap the ends with wirenuts and coil them up in the back of the box.
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I like to go a step further and wirenut the hot/neutral wire together at the remote end (along with labelling as 'dead') - that way if someone tries to re-energize the cable at some point in the future, it will be impossible. As an additional precaution, I try to cut the cable short of the panel - making it impossible to reconnect the cable to the panel (along with labelling as 'dead').

These steps make it pretty nearly impossible to re-energize the circuit.

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