Junction box - concealed?


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Junction box - concealed?

I am in the process of renovating my kitchen. I have posted here recently and have found this a valuable resource.
I understand that code does not permit permanantly concealing a junction box. Is that the case even if there are no connections in the box?
We are eliminating a ceiling light in the kitchen. I've pulled new wires through the greenfield, which passes through this box, but no connections are made in this box. Can I seal it off, or do I need to get up into the attic and flip and raise the box so that it will be accessable from the top side? We are not putting a light back in this spot, so I would like to patch the sheetrock. and forget about it.
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You should keep the box accessible since the raceways are not continuous.

Or could you remove the box and make the raceways continuous by using a coupling?
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Yes, I probably could use couplings for each raceway, but that would involve adding a couple of inches and another coupling as well to each of the raceway sets wouldn't it?
Sounds like I'm better off climbing up into the attic and raising the whole box (and flipping it over so that it will be accessible from the top side). Either way, I will have to add length to one of the runs. There are four including the one that will be abandoned (the light switch run).
That is an option right? I can raise it and flip it over to make it "accessible" from the attic can't I?
Is there any other alternative? A discrete asthetic cover plate that would be barely noticeable when painted?
We are planning to texture paint the ceiling in the kitchen.
Thanks for your reply
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In my experience, no cover plates are discrete or unnoticeable, even when painted. Do yourself the favor and stay with the plan of rotating the box so that the cover is accessible from the attic.
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Thanks. That's what I'll do.
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If there are only 2 FMC connections at the outlet-box, the wires could be pulled back until there is only 6" or so of wire at the box. The box is removed and the two FMC connectors are threaded into a "C" condulet. The wires are pulled thru the condulet back to where they were dis-connected.

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