kitchen lights/ receptacles


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kitchen lights/ receptacles

I read on a prior post that kitchen lights can not be on the same circuit as the receptacles. I am doing a kitchen remodel that involves moving some walls and circuits. Is that so even if the lights in question are under the cabinet lights which are plugged into a "switched outlet"?
The circuit that I'm planning to use for this switched outlet is a 20AMP 12/2 circuit that presently serves only the refrigerator. I also would like to add another non-swithced outlet utilizing this circuit.
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My opinion is that what you propose is not Code-compliant.

Art. 410.30 (C) (1) requires that a cord-connected liting fixture be set BELOW the outlet - point where the cord connects to the Branch-circuit conductors.

Hint- under-cabinet fixtures are VERY difficult to wire "in-place". IF there is space under the kitchen floor for accesible outlet-box connections, you could VERY carefully set "drag-wires" in place so that after the cabinets are set, you pre-wire the fixture to "X" ft of 14/2 NM cable, and then pull the "loose" end of the cable thru the wall and down the wall to the ceiling below where the fixture cables connect in an outlet-box to the cable that extends from the single-pole switch outlet-box.

Good Luck, & Learn & Enjoy from the EXperience!!!!
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another option

I was also considering the option of installing this "switched receptacle" in the ceiling or at the top of the wall, and plugging into it at time of cabinet installation, utilizing an "access hole" in the top or back of the cabinets.
If there is a better, propper way of doing this, I'd like to know what it is.
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If you are in the U.S., you are required to have at least two 20-amp small appliance circuits. If you have a third 20-amp circuit that is serving only the refrigerator and absolutely nothing else, you can designate this as not a small-appliance circuit. Then, as long as you install the receptacle more than 20 inches above the countertop height, you would be code compliant.

There are a lot of "ifs" here.

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