3~ Motor rating amps?


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3~ Motor rating amps?

I got an American 3-phase motor. It is labeled:

RPM: 1740 Hz: 60
V.: 208-240

F.L.A.: 8.8-9.2

S.L.A.: 9.6-10

What does the F.L.A tell?
What does the S.L.A tell?

Thank you!

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The FLA is the full load amps or the amperage the motor will draw if it is doing its rated horsepower worth of work.
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If I am not mistaken, F.L.A. is the Full load amps (current) and S.L.A. is the starting load amps. (The current ratings of the motor).
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Thank you!
Quit logic, when you tell me.

Then I can put on an motor protecting switch (thermic) rated to 9.2 amps.

Thank you!
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Dsk ;

let me add one more thing to the list

add 25 % for O/L device

8.8-9.2 amp at 240 v 3 supply

set the O/L at 11.5 amp unless you have something that can be get jammed up for some reason then drop the OL a little

DSk i know you are in european area i just want to give you a gentle reminder to use the class C overload relays or sensors that will handle the common start up loading on the motors

thanks , Marc

i am sure you understand you may have to derate the motor a little due the differince in the HZ suppy you will only get 5/6 of the speed and also the 5/6 of hp rating as well
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One correction the S.L.A. is not the starting load amps it is the service load amps that the motor runs at when loaded at its service factor usually 1 to 1.15

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Thank you again.

On the other side of the motor It is another plate;

F.L.A. 9.2-10.4

S.F.A 10-10.8

F.L.A. 4.6-5.2

S.F.A 5-5.4

In Norway we have 2 systems: 3-phase 230V And 400V (both systems made to 230V single phase possible)

Then I can put on an adjustable motor protecting switch (thermic) rated to 4-6.3 amps.
for the 400 V system, or 10-16 amps for the 400V system.

These motor protecting switch es copes with 2-3 times the load for a start periode of a few seconds.


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