gfi tripping


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gfi tripping

I recently wired a gfi outlet in the begining of a run of 6 outlets in my basement, two of the outlets are running a water softner, and a nat. gas water heater fan ( about 100 watts in total) the gfi outlet trips out intermitantly for no reason, I ran a 100 watt soldering iron with no issues on an outlet, but when I plugged in a battery charger for a cordless drill it tripped, and it will trip suddenly when no load is added. It is a 15 amp gfi any ideers what my problem may be???
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Motors can trip a GFCI even though the leakage may not be a hazard. Given the safety issues involved with the water heater fan if it doesn't work I would say it should be on a separate non-GFCI circuit.
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You may need non-GFI receptacles for the "in-place" loads, the water-softner and the fan. Do not use these receptacles for anything else!!.Perhaps seperating just one of these loads may clear the problem.

Plug the charger into a GFI receptacle in a different location. If THAT GFI trips, it proves you can't use a GFI device to power the charger.

THE most important application of GFI protected receptacles in a basement is for hand-held loads , such a power tools and drop-lites , operating on an extension cord.There is less concern for loads that are not touched once they are in-place.It would be ideal for ALL cord-connected loads in a basement to be GFI protected, but thats no always possible.

Some in-place loads , where GFI protection is not practical,could be directly wired ( no receptacle connection ) as long as the wiring to the load has an Equiptment Grounding Conductor that effectively Grounds the metal surface on the equiptment.

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