Generator Transfer switch


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Generator Transfer switch

I'm building a new house and plan in installing a manual transfer switch for a generator. The switch will be 50amp and be located about 40 feet from the main panel. It will supply a 240v well pump and some small appliances and lighting. Everything will be inside the basement. What size wire do I need and should it be in a conduit?
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Whether or not the wire is in conduit depends on the type of wire used. A cable (NM or UF) does not need to be in conduit unless the conduit is for protection where the cable is exposed. Individual conductors need to be in conduit.

Use 8 gage wire.

What size is the generator you are using? You need a hefty generator for a well pump.
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If you plan on using NM, (romex) then you cannot use #8awg, you would have to use # 6awg....

But personally if this was my house I would install a 100amp transfer switch with a 24 ckt sub-panel... best bang for the buck...

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