How do I wire a Switch/Outlet Combination?


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Cool How do I wire a Switch/Outlet Combination?

I am hanging a new chandelier over a table and want to drop the drop the wire down (through a decorative chain) to an existing outlet on the wall rather than install and wire a junction box in the ceiling.

My problem....

At the advice of the guy at the home center I bought a switch/outlet combination to replace the double outlet that is currently in the wall. I want to wire it so that I can plug the new fixture into the outlet and turn it on and off with the switch. The existing double outlet has four wires coming into the junction box (2 black on one side of the outlet and 2 white on the other side). Someone suggested that I wire a black and white to the left side of the combination outlet, break the tap off the right side, and run a short piece of wire between the two terminals on the right side. If this works, what do I do with the other two wires (black and white) that are currently in the junction box? Is their another way to wire this combination outlet/switch to control the new light fixture?

Thank you.
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You should leave the tab on the receptacle. It connects the power from the switch to the receptacle.
Connect all the black wires together with a pgitail to the single gold screw( not the tab ones).
Connect the white wires together with a pigtail to the silver screw.
Connect all the ground wires together with a pigtail to the green screw.

There will be on wires on the double screw with the tab.

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