How to measure household electric consumption?


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How to measure household electric consumption?

Anyone has an idea on how to measure household electric consumption?
I want to optimize the usage v/s the life style.

I see some device online worth $200..300 that can be fitted inline the electric supply..

Is there anything cheaper?

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The meter that the electric company has installed at your residence works just fine. Read it every day or however often you want and it will tell you your power consumption.
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The Kill-A-Watt meter is helpful for testing the consumption of some types of individual appliances. It's fairly cheap at around $25, but the downside is that is can only measure energy usage for cord-and-plug 120V appliances which consume 15A or less.
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Take 2 "readings" of your KWHR meter with an exact 48 hour interval between the 2 readings,

Subtract the lower ( 1st) reading from the higher ( 2nd reading)

Divide the difference by 48 (hrs) , = xKW's

Multiply the KW value X 1000 --- 6.6 Kw's = 6600 watts

Divide the Watt value by 220(volts)----- 6600/220 = 30(amps)

You have calculated that your power-consumption for the 48-hr period is equivilent to a "fixed" load with a constant, "steady" current-draw of 30 amps.

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