Hot/Neutral Reversed...


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Hot/Neutral Reversed...

I recently moved into a new house and noticed one of the rooms elctrical wiring was funny so I went to home depot and bought a $4.99 sperry instruments recepticle tester. When I plugged it into the wall outlet it read hot/neu reversed.

Is this a DIY job or should I just hire a contract electrician? I would perfer to do it my self just for the knowledge but don't intend to break a wall down just to get at the wires to fix them...

Thanks for your time

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Hot neutral reverse is one sign of an open neutral.

A better test would be to plug something in and see if it works. Or use a two wire tester and test for power between all three combinations of the three slots in the receptacle (hot to neutral, hot to ground, ground to neutral).

Either problem is trivial to fix, but MAY be tough to find.
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How old is the house ? Can you describe quality of conductors ? The most difficult type of conductors to work on when such problems as yours occcur are rubber-insulated conductors with faded colors making it difficult to distinguish between Black & White. Also , the insulation can be cracked and brittle, and must be "handled with care", least the insulation crumble. Reversed conductors are very common with such wiring.

If it's cables with THHN conductors, the problem is less complicated.

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