Putting in a receptacle at a 3 way Hall light


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Putting in a receptacle at a 3 way Hall light

Hi John
I am attempting to wire in a switch/receptacle to an existing Hall light circuit where the light is controled by 2 switches. With the 3 wires at the existing switch showing as a white and red/black commons according to the bck of the switch. The instructions with the switch receptacle do not help me.
Thank you
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From your description it is unlikely you can do this with out running a new cable for the outlet. You need an un-switched hot and neutral. You have neither unless there is another NM cable in the box you haven't mentioned. (The white on the switch isn't a neutral).
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You can't do this with the existing setup. You may or may not have an unswitched hot wire, but you have no neutral wire. Find another place to get power from, or run a new cable.
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If you only have three wires + ground you CAN NOT do it. You do not have a neutral wire in the switch box. All the wires are part of the switching hot circuit.

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