smoke alarms


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smoke alarms

Two battery backed up hard wired smoke alarms
One occasional beep replaced battery
Still beeped after a while
other beeped and replaced battery
removed both to sleep
breaker panel at least one circuit breaker says - two hard wired alarms
seems to test ok
if not batts, not circuit breaker, not alarms what??
Any steps to follow from scratch? I think I don't know enough like if one is on the blink both will sound etc.
P.s. I just took the battery out of one[both jst on carpet] and it beeped! Could this be a residual charge or is it a sign it is no good?
Thank you
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Received 0 Votes on 0 Posts is 2007 and no one has to die in a fire. Smoke alarms prevent this. REMOVING the alarm out of frustration is why people die.

DO NOT LOSE SLEEP over a problem that you may not solve. For less than $20 each you can have new battery backup AC powered alarms. Perhaps even more reliable and less money, install 2 AC ONLY units, and one or 2 new battery only models, at less than $7 each.

Smoke alarms are considered to have a MAXIMUM life expectancy of 10 years. If yours are this old, just get the new ones and get some sleep. Even if they are not old, we cannot always solve the "beeping" problem. It may be a defective unit. That happens. It may be an issue with the power connection to the alarms, and you should get a licenesed electrician to double check that.

But whatever you do, get some alarms in there NOW. PLEASE!!!
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Agreed with above!

Replace both batteries again with new. Vacuume them both out while you have them down. (I have seen new "bad" batteries.)

When reinstalled make sure the electrical plug connection is in tight. This will make them beep as well. They need both sources.

By no meens remove them!!!!

As said if they are old, buy new ones. This is a very easy DIY Job.
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Yes and yes:

I had a A/C battery back-up smoke alarm go bad that beeped like a bad battery, even with a new battery (2 actually). After being woken up a few times in a panic, I replaced the whole alarm...problem solved.

I also had a smoke alarm (last week in fact) that had a low battery and started beeping. I pulled the battery to change it and it kept beeping (residual charge in the alarm). A quick push of the test button without the battery in it drained the residual charge until I could install the new battery (only a few minutes, so everybody relax).

I agree though, replace the alarm if it's giving you trouble, don't leave it bypassed more than to run to the store to buy a new one. If you can find the same brand/model you may not even have to mess with the A/C wiring as long as the manufacture hasn't changed the connector (but don't let that stop you).
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Anybody have a good online source for smokies and a brand preference? I know to get the ionizing ones. I'll also need one that talks w/ co2 detectors.
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I don't remember the part numbers, but I like the Kiddie line of hardwire, battery backed, talking, combo smoke and CO detectors. The talking combo detectors are like $50, but they will also interconnect with one of the standard Kiddie $12 smoke detectors models. You can put one fancy detector per floor, plus supplement with standard smokes in the bedrooms. I believe there is also a Kiddie heat detector that can interconnect for use in the garage. Unless you're buying bulk, Lowe's has as good of price as anybody.

I always get a kick out of the mechanical "FIRE FIRE FIRE!" and "WARNING! CARBON MONOXIDE" voice in addition to the plain old beep.

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So does anybody have a favorite online electrical supply store?

Smokies at $40 a pop get expensive fast. I'm looking at the Firex 12000
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I don't. I have a favorite supply store (local) because they take care of the loyal folks.

It is what it is, things cost money and you get what you pay for. Research will save you the most.
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