How do you connect different color phone wires?


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How do you connect different color phone wires?

I recently ran some 6 conductor phone cable through the house, but couldnt finish the job because I ran out of cable. I need to connect the the new cable I bought to the cable I was already running, but the colours are different. What colours go to what wire?

1st cable:
white - red - blue - black - green - orange

2nd cable:
green - green/white - blue - blue/white - orange - orange/white

Thank you
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This page shows the various standards:

You're original wiring (the solid colors) is under "Insulation Solid Color Code" (list #2).

The new wiring is under "Insulation Band-Marked Color Code" (list #1).

Basically match up the numbers to the respective colors:

Red = White/Blue
Green = Blue/White
Black = White/Orange
Yellow = Orange/White
Blue = White/Green
Orange = Green/White

The first color listed is the primary color of the wire, the secondary color is the band or mark (white/blue is mainly white with small blue marks).

Where are you going to splice these together? It would be a good idea to either do it in a junction box at the last jack you could reach or at a mini patch panel. Just in case you have a problem, it's nice to know where to find the ends of the cables.

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let me add one more comment as above what he did gave the correct colour pairs

the old colours red / green is line 1 ,, Black/ Yellow is line two ,, bleu / Orange is line 3

those most common colour pairs and please make sure you have it on correct sequnece when you hook up to the phone jack[s]

for two line phone jack the middle two is line one and outer two is line two like this 2,1,1,2 if you look at the jack you will see why i say that this is most common way ditto with 3 line as well but for 4 lines that get tricky i will leave this part out for now due there is 2 or 3 diffrent way to do this

Merci, Marc
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there is 2 or 3 diffrent way to do this


but only one correct way
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"back in the day" the polarity of connection to the telephone ( tip and ring terminals) mattered. Today, although you should try to be consistent, the phone equipment does not care.
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