Sending Power to a garage


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Smile Sending Power to a garage

I have just built a detached garage. Now I need to get some power to it. I have a 125Amp main panel in the house. There are 24 spots. 2-spots have 20Amp's, 2-spots have 30Amp's, 1 spot (takes up two) is a GFI that feeds the two outside plugin's , and there are 16 15amp breakers. These leaves me with 2 spots. I am sure I can do some maneuvering to make room for 2 together. The question I ask what? Can I add a two poll 60 amp breaker in these spots? I want to have 220 power in the garage to run my table saw and mig welder. Do I have to go to an inside sub panel and then to my garage panel? My electrical terminology is not great so if you can put this in a dumbed down version I would appreciate it.

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You need a sub panel in your garage. You can feed it with a two pole breaker in your main panel. Whether 60 amps is enough or not depends on what your needs are. You haven't supplied enough information. What are the requirements of the welder and the saw? Will you want to ruin both at the same time? What are the other requirements at the garage?

Whether ot no your main panel can support this new load is also in question. A demand load calculation needs to be done. This will take into account your current use as well as factor in your new garage.

While this is a project that can be done by a homeowner, it cannot be done until you learn about electricity. You need to start by reading. Read two or three books on home wiring. Then you can post back with better questions.

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