Termination of wire


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Termination of wire

What is the proper way to terminate a wire in a junction box? I will be removing a ceiling fan with a light and replaceing it with a ceiling light only. There is presently a switch for the fan and a switch for the light. I will be using the switch and wiring for the light but NOT the fan. What do I have to do with the fan wiring in the junction box and the switch box. What do I do with the switch. ALSO what is the proper way to terminate one wire of 3 wire house wire in the breaker box. The black wire is no longer used and is in the bottom of the breaker box and is capped with a wire nut. The breaker is now used for another circuit. The red wire is being used. Is this site a US or Canadian site?
Thank you
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this site will serve both usa and cananda but other countrys as well depending on whom know the area codes

anyway with the ceiling fixure what you dont need just wirecap it and just leave it alone you never know you may want it back on again in future

Merci , Marc

for the unused wire in the breaker box as long you capped it off and marked as not used and where it goes so it will come handy in future
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Frenchy's right. All you have to do is put a wirenut on any unused wires. Labeling them is definitely a good idea. If you want to reuse them in the future, they'll still be there and you'll know exactly where they go. As for the switch, you can either remove it or just remove the wiring from it and leave it as a dummy switch. I don't know what you all have in your switch box, but if you remove the switch and can't find the proper cover plate you need to blank that section off, they make combination plates. These plates are sold in sections and can be fitted together to meet any device combination.

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