Code/proper wiring question.


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Code/proper wiring question.

I'd like to thank those of you who have previously responeded to my projects have turned out really well. I'm in the process of wiring a basement which will be finished. I'm wiring three lights and four outlets in the basement. I'd like to add four floor outlets for the room above the basement. Is it better to run from outlet to outlet in the basement and then from my final outlet run to the upper floor and go outlet to outlet around that room...or can I pigtail the basement outlets and run to the next basement outlet and next upper floor outlet from that same box (box size is no problem). Either way isn't difficult, I'd just like to know which is better.


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Neither way is "better" than the other. One way may use more wire than the other. One way will require more wires in the box which may make it harder to fit everything in.

If you never have any problems with the setup (ie no failured connections, no need to ever change anything out) then once yoiu are set up you are done.

If you do eventually have to revisit the setup or if someone else has to make repairs or modifications later on, then it MAY be easier to understand and MAY be easier to repair if you go serially.
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Running box-to-box linearly is by far the more common approach, but neither is right or wrong. The big advantages with box-to-box are that you only have to wirenut the grounds as the "in" and "out" hots and neutrals will both terminate on the receptacles; you have fewer wires in each box; and, it's easier to troubleshoot in the future.
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Smile Thanks guys.

I appreciate the advice, thanks again for your help.

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