Change switch from wall outlet to lights?


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Change switch from wall outlet to lights?

I have a switch in my living room that controls a wall outlet that I'm wanting to change so it controls lights instead. The concept I'm trying to achieve is have lighting run to all my walls along the ceiling in my living room and controlled with a dimmer switch.

1st: Is it going to be a pain to do the wiring aspect of this (changing it from the wall outlet to running all the lights).

2nd: is there any tips anyone has for this?

3rd: Does anyone have any pictures of a similiar looking set-up so that I can make sure my idea isn't going to look crappy. Was thinking about putting molding up, leaving about a 2" gap and haveing the lights shine up from behind it, but not to sure about that idea.

sorry if this is a repost couldn't find anything about it.
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Part of the answer depends on if the switch is on a switch loop. Describe all the wiring at the switch and at the receptacle. Do you have access above such as an attic. A new circuit may be the easiest.
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The idea you're talking about is not an uncommon one. It is a beautiful way to accent a room. If you go this route, you'll probably want to leave the outlet switched, or install a ceiling light. Accent lighting is more for decoration than general lighting. You can get more light out of your accent lighting by putting a reflector inside your cove and painting the ceiling white. If you go with rope lighting, you could even use aluminum foil as a reflector. Here's a link that will show you an example of cove lighting along with possible light fixtures you could use:

I would just fish power up from the switched lighting and hook it up in one spot. From there run the lighting around the room. No need to run power to each wall.
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If you can fish a wire to the switch then you can get power from there, since you no longer want the receptacles to be switched.

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