multi-wire circuit tie-bars


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Question multi-wire circuit tie-bars

I understand that soon or perhaps already there is a new requirement that all multi-wire wire circuits be joined by a tie-bar or be on a double pole breaker irregardless if both both circuits go the same location or not (rec. etc.) Is this true? Question 2__ Is it ok to simply tie two single pole breakers together with a tie bar(providing of course they are on different poles) and what defines a legal tie-bar? Are there any universal tie-bars one can carry on one's truck? I'm thinking the superior way of wiring a multi-wire circuit is to always use a double pole breaker?!! Correct? Thanx for your time, as always
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The best way to wire a multiwire is with a two pole breaker.

A tie bar to join two single pole breakers has to be manufactured and approved for that model breaker.
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Unforteally it will be in the 08 code cycle regaurding about the breaker ties for multibranch circuits.

but keep in your mind there are some state[s] will be delayed with the adpoting the new codes and there willbe some local codes admentent as well.

Sidecutter : there are few kits you can add the tie in handle depending on which breaker manufacters there are few diffrent type so my best suggest is stock few in your service truck you never know what you will need it.

IMO normally i just swap out and get 2 or 3 pole [ 3 pole is useally used in commercal area ] breaker and slove this issuse in case some inspector have issue with this so just let you know head up with it

Sidecutter , just check on the NEC code refering the multiwire branch circuit it have pretty clear defination there.
I am sure you understand the MWBC for garabge dispoal and dishwasher on the same yoke that qulify for 2 pole breaker if you bring in 12-3 wire to one dupelx repectale and break off the common hot tab for it but for other location it will depending on how it set up.

the new code is kinda pretty clear cut with this to slove the issuse with the netrual on the MWBC.,,

I know most MWBC useally have pigtail on netural leg but if someone did untied the netrual with one circuit is off and the other circuit still alive it can do funny thing that is true when all circuits on MWBC's netural lifted you know the rest will happend aka domino effect with the voltage from 120 L- N become 240 L-L due the netual gone anything will smoked up the same with commercal verison it dont matter which votlage you are on it will go the highest depending on phase to phase voltage.

Merci, Marc
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Thanx for the quick replies gentleman. Have a great Sunday. Herb
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