I hit a black button please help me!!!


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Exclamation I hit a black button please help me!!!

First and foremost I'm not an electrician so bear with me if I get some terms wrong.

I recently went about changing my standard outlets in the kitchen and bathroom to GFCI outlets. I used a Gardner Bender Ground Fault Indicator Tester; 1/Cd, 10Cds/Master to test the bathrooms standard outlet before making the switch. When I went to pull out the tester I accidentally hit the black test button. It instantly killed power to 3 outlets (both bathrooms and an outlet outside). Here's where it gets weird. It never tripped the panel's box and it's only the plug outlets that are not working. They all were working fine prior to this.

The rest of the outlets on the circuit ie: bathroom light switch & bedroom ceiling fan all work fine. I tried installing the GFCI outlet and still have no power to to it. I'm at a loss as to what happened. It all seems to go back to my screw up of hitting the black button. Any suggestions or help will be greatly appreciated.

/raises fist

"curse you soul stealing black button"
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I do not fully understand your post, but I do know this.

You either tripped a GFCI somewhere on th circuit, or you caused some other problem that cause a weak connection to open.

Verify that you have not tripped a GFCI somewhere, and verify proper power feeding the receptacles.
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Press the reset button on every single GFCI in and out of your entire house. Make sure you find them all, even that one in the garage behind the canoe.
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My guess would be you just need to reset the gfci you pushed the black button on. If this is a Leviton gfci it's that bright red one. The black button is the test button you should push this every couple months to make sure the gfci is working properly by removing power from itself and any protected outlets. The reset needs to be pushed all the way in for the contacts to engage. If you don't push it in far enough it won't reset.

This post is pretty much redundant to John's but your not seeing the reset button made me add a little info just to give me peace of mind.

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Roger, he (she?) pushed the test button on the portable GFCI tester, not on a GFCI receptacle.

Rogue, John Nelson gave you the proper answer. Somewhere in your house you have a GFCI receptacle that you managed to trip when you accidentally pushed the test button on your plug-in tester. This GFCI receptacle will be where you least expect it. In my house I found it in the garage with a four-point adapter plugged into the receptacle completely hiding the test and reset buttons.
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Here's how this discussion normally goes. This scenario has been repeated here hundreds of times:

Poster: My outlet is dead.
Forum: Did you reset your GFCIs?
Poster: I only have (insert number here), and I reset them.
Forum: Are you sure you don't have any more?
Poster: Absolutely sure.
Forum: Did you look (insert location here)?
Poster: Why would one be there?
Forum: Just look please.
Poster: Well I'll be. There was one there.
Forum: Any more?
Poster: Absolutely not. I'm sure this time.
Forum: You might have more anyway.

... days or weeks pass ...

Poster: Well I'll be darned. I found another one (insert location here). I never thought to look there. The outlet is working now.
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you forgot the one
after days and weeks.
I called and electrician and he found another GFCI in the (insert location). He was here ten minutes.
The most common place for GFCIs are
Any and all bathrooms.
Outdoor receptacles.
in garage behind the fridge, bikes or boxes that haven't moved since moving in.
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Well who said I could read....what is scary is it's pretty freakin apparent that he was using a tester not pushing the button on a gfci receptacle. I think I'll change brands of beer.

Ok I put the beer away and tried a new brand...see if I get this part right....If it didn't trip the "panels box" (assuming circuit breaker here) it probably isn't a gfci circuit breaker and that is a normal result....

Please tell me I'm right or I'm in deep trouble.

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NP Roger. Sometimes those cheaper American beers will do that to us lol.

Yea I'll have to make an even thorough search for a GFCI anywhere. The house was built in 86 so back then they didn't put those in. That doesn't mean that one might not be hidden though lol.

It was built during the 80's housing boom where "I don't care how you do it but get it done" was the phrase used. I'm a roofer and while doing repairs on my own house I noticed that the initial roofers nailed every other or every third tile. Nothing like walking around up there with tiles sliding under your feet. If the electrical is anything like the roof then I hate to see what I'm in for.
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If it's any consolation they did put in wiring that has a ground wire.

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Just food for thought......

GFCI's are shipped from the factory in "TRIPPED" position. Did you reset the new outlet(S) after install?

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