Extending Romex/no junction box

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Extending Romex/no junction box

I've got a finished bathroom remodel with an issue I hope is not really an issue...

I moved the wall switch for the exhaust fan to the adjacent wall where the light switch is so they're both together. So, all I needed to do was extend the Romex another six feet or so to have it reach the new position.

I didn't use a junction box; I just put connectors on then wrapped it all with electrician's tape. There's no wall insulation, so there's nothing sitting next to the splice.

Maybe I'm naive, but the splice didn't seem much different to me than any other section of the Romex running through the walls, so I didn't see a particular need to put it in a box just for that.

I'm betting that's not kosher, but realistically is there anything to be concerned about?
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It's a fire hazard. I have seen wire nut's melted before and you would not want that happening behind your wall.
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You are correct, this is wrong. Either put in a junction box or replace the cable with an appropriately sized one.

Every junction box is a potential failure point. A weakening connection produces heat, which can would normally be contained in the box. In your wall the heat can damage and cause a fire with the wallboard.

Looking beyond that, how are you or the next owner going to remember or know where that junction is located, so that when it fails it can be found and repaired?

Do you have an open attic/crawl space above the bathroom? If so, move the splice there and place it in a box.
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Okay, thanks... and (whew) I found a way to get to it without cutting out anything I'd have to redo.

This is a very helpful forum.
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