Electric range help


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Electric range help

Good evening:

We currently have GE electric stovetop with four burners in our kitchen. I want to add a small electric stove in the basement as I have a hobby of making candles and using a one burner propane stove is just too slow for melting the wax.
OK, what I want to do is tap the line from the main panel and put in a junction box and run a line to the new/additional small stove. Ther is NO chance of both units being turned on at the same time as it is just my wife an dI in the house and when we are making candles, it is in the basement together.
So, my question is will this work?
I DO plan on having an electrician doing the work for me.
Thanks in advance for your help.
Take care
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Each need to be on their own circuit. There is also the possibility the new stove may require a smaller breaker. Then there's the whole three wire - four wire issue. If the old cable is three wire it couldn't be used on a new 120v/240v circuit. Bottom line can't be done for a variety of reasons.
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As Ray said, no can do. You need a new circuit.
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Danno in a PM wrote:
Thanks, I didn't think it would be so easy.

I do not have any room in the box so it looks like I need to find another way.. Maybe another propane burner.

Anyway, thanks again and take care
You may be able to use tandem breakers to free up space for a full size 240v breaker or you can add a sub panel. If you want to DIY I'd suggest first getting a book on wiring from Home Depot or Lowe's such as the book Wiring Simplified. The experts here can walk you through it once you know the questions to ask and the info they need to answer questions.

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