Receptacle in fire-rated wall


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Receptacle in fire-rated wall

I'm planning a basement remodel and part of it includes building a wall between the garage and the soon-to-be finished basement. The construction of the wall is pretty straight forward, 2x4 with 5/8" fire-rated sheetrock on the garage side and 1/2" sheetrock on the basement side.

Is there any issue with putting receptacles on either side of the wall? I assume the 1/2" side isn't a problem, but if I cut holes for regular boxes in the 5/8" sheetrock, does that become an issue in terms of fire codes and separating the garage from living spaces?

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depending on which or if both sides of the wall are considered for the requisite fire rating makes a difference as to what you would have to do to accomodate a recep in either side of the wall.

what type of box you use is also important. Believe it or not,a plastic box (not sure if all general use plastic boxes are the same) ha a 2 hour fire rating. You need to check with your particular boxes.

As well, there is a product, it is typically called putty pads, that are fire rated material that is used to wrap the box and seal off any holes.

Depending on all the materials used will determine what you need to do in your specific situation.

I would suggest contacting the building inspector in your area to seek advice as to what they find acceptable.
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Nap, thanks for the info. I had no idea plastic boxes were fire rated, I'll have to look closer to see if there's a marking for that. I was reading about UL listed wall assemblies, but I figured the UL assignment was more for commercial spaces than residences.

I do plan on running it by the inspector prior to installation, but I always like to be as intelligent as possible when discussing topics like this.

Thanks again,

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