How to wire a whirlpool with an on/off switch..


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Post How to wire a whirlpool with an on/off switch..

Hi! I`m new to this forum and I am trying to wire a whirlpool tub
to the main box with a gfi plug and a on/off switch to control the gfi plug. what I need to know is what type of amperage breaker to use for the whirlpool and how the wiring connections are made? any help on this project would be appreciated thanks in advance from k-cike......
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k-cike, you need a NEW thread for a new question.

You have no provided nearly enough information to accurately answer the question.

What are the power requirements of the tub? What voltage? How many amps?

What are you starting with?

Provide as much detail as possible.
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Hi k-cike. Welcome to the forums.

Is this an internal tub? Like the kind installed in bathrooms? Did any installation instructions come with it? Does it have a heater?

It might help if you provide the exact make and model number. It might also help if we knew what city and country you were in.
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Installing a switch to a GFCI Outlet for hot tub

Hi K-cike,

As the previous responders have indicated there is a serious lack of information in your post. First I must tell you that I'm not and electrician nor am I am authority on the NEC Code.

My first question to you would be how much current do you anticipate drawing to run the whirlpool.

That's going to tell you what size wire you need to get from your panel box to the tub. If the tub is outside, then you need a direct bury cable to run between your structure and the tub. I would also suggest that if you are outside and have to pull a wire to the tub that you use a GFCI Breaker on the service panel instead of a GFCI outlet. You can still run a switch loop to turn the tub on and off but I do know for certain that NEC Code requires GFCI protection on any circuit that is existing near water.

Now does this tub run on 110/120 vac or 220/240 vac?
What is the Service Panel main breaker tell you about your service. Is it a 200 Amp service or a 100 Amp service which is the residential upper limit.

One other word of advice. If you do not have experience doing this type of work, call for professional help. Collect several estimates from licensed "Master Electricians". The type of work you need done is definitely in the "Kill Zone" for electricity, especially if you have to go inside the Service Panel and add lugs to the main power and pull cable from there.

If you use UDS cable, then you trench to about 26 inches and then add 2 inches of sand and then back fill the trench.

If you use UF cable you can get away with a trench that is 18 inches deep, but you must install the cable inside of conduit.



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