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sub panel

To start I wish to thank you folks for the replys to my last post...Thank you.
Could you tell me if this would work?
I have 100 amp service. Can I take out two breakers and replace with a 50 amp dp breaker and run 2 ft of #6 cable from the 50 amp breaker to a 125amp sub panel with 20 slots.
That would give me lots of room to run my heaters, each on it's own circuit.
Can't afford to upgrade my main service.But I do need heat.
Thanks again
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Depending on what the two breakers that you remove are serving along with the manufacturer and model of your existing panel you MAY be able to install a double-pole circuit breaker to feed a sub panel.

However, this will NOT give you any more power. If your existing service does not have the ampacity to serve the load then what you propose will do you no good.
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thank you for the reply!!!
I am not looking for more power just a way to distribute it better.
I have a few breakers that I could take out and a few that i could switch over to the sub panel.
One breaker that i could take out is a bp 20 that used to go to a shop that is not there anymore.
This is a sort of small house and i live here alone so overloading is highly unlikely.
The reason I want to put in a sub panel is because the main one is a mess and I thought I could start fresh with the sub panel and later sort out the main .
So that being said do the #s in the first post seem right?
Oh yes ..what I am dealing here with is a square D .
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Yes, NM 6-3 w/ground will work fine up to 60 amps.
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I can't belive how fast the replies are WOW.
Thank you
Looking around the rest of the site and it is all great!!!

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