wire color question


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wire color question

With a building permit, I am planning to run four 6 gauge THHN cables in 1 1/2" PVC conduit from the main entrance panel in my home to a subpanel in a detached garage. The conduit run is about 100' long. I have discovered it is cheaper to buy a 500' spool of 6 gauge wire than it is to have four separate 125' wires (white, black, red and green) cut for me at the local big box hardware store. Is it NEC legal to buy a 500' spool of black wire, cut it into 4 equal lengths of 125' and tape the ends with red, white, and green color electrical tape?
Thanks for you help.
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as a technicality, #6 and smaller is supposed to have the propre color of insulation for the neutral (grounded conductor) (grey or white) and the equipment ground (EGC) (green)

In my area they are not so strict as to actually require this. Typically #8 and larger I buy in black only and tape mark to the corrcet color.
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Nor have I ever had an issue with your plan. A quick call to the inspector will clear it up fast.
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While it is technically against code, most inspectors don't have a problem with marking wires smaller than #4. If your subpanel is 60A or less, the ground only needs to be #10 green or bare; 65A - 100A, the ground can be #8. This may save you some cash as well.
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I agree with you one part Ben ,,

but some local code will allow it but IMO with smaller than #6 it should be solid color unless it have expect for switch loop which they are allowed for remarked and ditto with 2 conductors NM cable to remarked for straght 240 volt useage.

senice speaking of colour code i been changing the arrangment what i useally stock in larger wire size

now i allready order large spool [ 500' ] with common single phase colour for service entrance ditto with 3 phase service as well.

Merci, Marc
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Ok thanks for the help, it looks like I can do it but I will call the inspector just to be sure. Copper sure is expensive these days!!

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