3-way to 3-way plus outlet


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3-way to 3-way plus outlet

I want to convert a 3-way switch to a 3way plus outlet combo. The wires to the current 3-way consist of a white, a black, and a red, plus bare ground. Am I correct in that having the white, black and red that this is possible? If so, can one advise as to how to go about making this change? I can keep track of which two wires are currently connected to same color screws, etc. Unfortunately, any diagrams I have seen are not clear as to go about this making this change.

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As the say in Maine, you can't get there from here.

You have no neutral wire. You cannot do what you want without running new wires. So instead of messing with the three way setup, just run a cable from some location that does have full power to where you want it.

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