Wire Insulation


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Wire Insulation

In the process of replacing an old work box this weekend, the insulation on individual wires in the NM wire got a little beat up. There is no visibility of any of the copper on these wires. I examined the wires and as best I can tell none of the nicks in the insulation went all the way through.

This is on a light switch if that matters.

Is this something I should worry about? If so, can I cover them with something like heat shrink tube?
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If none of the copper is exposed or damaged, I personally wouldn't worry about the "beat up" conductor insulation.
As long as all of the "beat up" part was inside the junction box.

Does the outer sheath of the NM cable extend into the box?
If not, It needs to.

I suppose that you could use heat shrink tubing although electrical tape is easier.

If you repair the insulation on the neutral (grounded) conductor, be sure to use white tape (or white shrink tubing).

Just my opinion

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The outer sheathing on all the wires is inside the box. The damage is all contained in the box. It is currently working with no issues.

My only issue with just using electrical tape was that on old installations the electrical tape always seems to not stick very well, so I figured it might come lose after a while.

But it sounds as if I don't need to worry. This is what I was what I thought, but I wanted to make sure.

Thanks for the input.
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NM sheathing beat up a little bit is normal and nothing to worry about. Now if there are big gouges in the jacket or if the cuts go into the conductor insulation to copper, it should be replaced.
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Great.. you guys made me feel better. I should be good the way I am since I haven't met any of the requirements for repair / replacement.

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