Ground Rod Installation


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Ground Rod Installation

I need tips for driving ground rods. What is the easiest method(s)?

I heard something about filling your hole with water as you go, but I only got part of the info--can anyone elaborate on this?

(I need 3 for the house I just bought. 1 is for the generator. The other 2 is for the panel, which was only tied to the cold water.)
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An 8 foot rod --a 6 Foot ladder and the biggest HAMMER you can find.

Sorry too be Blunt......But there is no way to do this without sweating, and a few blisters....

Someone else will chime in, but "Tied to the cold water" should be acceptable......?????-PRO'S...???
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Dig the first 12" - 18" with a shovel, pour in a 5 gal. bucket of water, wait for it to soak in, then drive it with a big hammer. Keep the bucket around and splash a gallon or so in as you go. Some people have reported success with an air palm nailer, but I've never tried that.
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Current code requires more than just the incoming water pipe being used as the ground for a residential system.
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I'm not to fond of the hammer method.... accident waiting to happen in my opinion. If you do this get about a 4 foot long 2x4 and drill a hole slightly bigger than the ground rod through one end slip your EGC clamp over the rod and tighten it to the rod about 12 inches down if it is a one piece type....if the end of the rod mushrooms you will be glad you did this.

Then put the rod thru the hole in the 2x4 and have someone steady it while you drive it.

You can also make a nice driver out of pipe it will look similiar to a T-Post driver get as much weight as you can in the bottom of the pipe where your cap is. Or weld to outside and put some handles on it. Once you get it down as far as you can then finish with a sledge.

Also and this is my recommendation is to go to a rental and get a rotary hammer and ground rod chuck. this will make quick work out of driving the rod in most soil conditions. You have three ways you can install the rods priority being A first then B then C.

As for the generator needing a ground rod you can get into a lot of debate of yes or no. Generally the accepted solution is if the transfer switch switches from the house system service neutral to the generator neutral then you need a ground rod.

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