simple question (Multimeter)


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simple question (Multimeter)

I want to buy a multimeter, I am not sure wich one I want.
Household/auto use I want a nice one. I don't think I need a super advanced cutting edge meter. bit I want it to be useful 220 a must!
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If mostly for AC work be sure it is analog not digital. Search "ghost voltage" here or internet to understand why. Less then $20 is fine IMHO for casual checking.
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Multimeters are of limited use in household wiring. They can create more confusion than clarity.

I suggest at least four different inexpensive electrical test tools for home use.

1. A plug-in outlet tester ($6 to $8).
2. A neon circuit tester ($2).
3. A multimeter, any kind ($15).
4. A non-contact voltage "tick" tester ($15).

The multimeter is generally only useful for distinguishing between 120 and 240 volts, and for measuring resistance to see if you two things are electrically connected. I also like the battery test feature of most multimeters. The other three tools I mentioned above will get more use.

So choose the multimeter based on your anticipated automotive use. As long as it can measure resistance, and up to 250 volts A/C, it'll be fine for home use.

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