Adding 220 outlet in garage


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Adding 220 outlet in garage

I need to add a 220v outlet in my garage for a table saw. Access to the panel is difficult, however, the opposite side of one of the garage walls is the kitchen and that wall contains a 220v outlet for a cook top, (my cook top is gas and this outlet has never been used).

How would I wire a 3 prong dedicated 220v outlet by tapping into this existing 4 prong outlet box? (i.e. there will be one more wire than I need in this existing box - which ones do I use?) The cook top is on the same circuit as the range and it is a 45amp breaker. My saw pulls 12 amps at 220v so I was planning on using a 20 amp receptacle and plug for the saw.

Thanks in advance!
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No can do (legally) Code does not allow you to tap this circuit for a table saw.
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No you can not use the range circuit for the table saw at all.

if you have a crawl space you can able snake in new wire in it will be the best just run new circuit i know sometime it can be tough but either run new wire under the crawl space or run in the attic to the breaker box. and get the proper 12-2 romax wire [ make sure you remarked the white wire with either black or red or bleu marker so you know it is a 220 instead of 120 volt netural line ]

Merci, Marc
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Thanks for the quick responses

I will try to pull a new wire. I have pulled wire in some difficult places; however, this is the worst situation I have ever encountered. The house is on a slab and most of the house is two stories. However, there is a one story room off the back of the house and the panel is located on the outside of one of the walls of this room. The room has a vaulted ceiling and the attic space between the roof and the ceiling of this room is about 18 inches at the peak and zero at the eve, so there is basically no attic space to use for access to the panel.
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Or just run conduit on the outside of the house or bury the conduit.

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