3 phase, Y-connected


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3 phase, Y-connected

Hi. I'm just a beginner and I was wondering if someone could help me with answering this question.

A 3-phase, Y-connected source with a phase voltage of 120V feeds power to a 3-phase, Y-connected load through distribution lines having the impedance of 0.5 + j1.4/phase. The load impedance is 118.5 + j85.8/phase.

a. The magnitude of distribution line current.
b. The magnitude of phase current of the load.
c. The magnitude of line voltage at the terminals of the load.
d. The total average power delivered to the load.
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This is an electrical engineering question, not an electricial question, and it is most certainly not a DIY question.

There are many forums for this type of question, where you may find someone who can help you.
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Sounds like he needs help with his homework.

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