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tstat frustration

Hi...I have the exact same problem as described below except that I get zero heat under any wiring configurations I can come up with-including what is listed below? as the original poster hasn't responded I am not sure whether it worked for him? any suggestions for me?

Originally Posted by dougm View Post
racraft, Exactly, but the voltage probably isn't an issue. I'm betting it's 220. If the below paragraph doesn't solve the problem, I'll loose, but no damage will be done.

Connect the black power supply to one of the black thermostat wires. Split the white wires apart and connect the white power supply (the wire that's in the same cable as the black power supply) to the other black thermostat wire. Connect the black wire from the baseboard to one of the red thermostat wires and the white wire from the baseboard to the other red thermostat wires. If it doesn't work let us know.

Doug M.
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Once you get to the "except", the "exact same" is invalidated.

New problems deserve new threads, so I have split this one off.

Please provide details. Many details.

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