Proper Cord Plug


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Proper Cord Plug

I was just given a portable air compressor that needs the factory molded plug replaced as the grounding prong was broken off.

The manual says the cord is 12 AWG and the unit can run off a 15 amp circuit.

What is the correct replacement plug to put on this cord?

I'll probably be going to HD to get it and I think they have Leviton brand plugs.
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If the plug on the unit is a 15 amp plug (the two prongs will be parallel with each other) then buy a 15 amp three prong plug and install it on the end of the cord.

If the existing plug is 20 amp (doubtful based on what you have told us) then buy and install a 20 amp plug.
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Note that plugs are sold in wimpy versions and beefy versions (technical terms). Don't buy a wimpy version. Even if both are rated for 15 amps, you're going to want one that can handle a lot of amps for a long time.
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Going for the Heavy Duty

John and Bob,

Thanks for the quick reply. The cord wires are 12 ga. according to the manual and the cable is about 1/2 inch around, so I wasn't going to buy some el cheapo.

Just though I could get an actual part number since the Leviton site has a ton of 120V 15 amp plugs listed.

Of couse HD probably only has a handful of plugs anyway. I'll make sure I get one that can hold up and is rated for industrial or commercial use.
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Leviton as you said makes a ton of cord caps. Some of the numbers that are heavy duty are as follows: 5266-C, 5266-CY, 14W47, 14W47B, 515PV 515PR. These are all 15Amp configuration. Any alternative selection criteria since they are all Leviton would be the price of each. Quality costs, how good do you want it?
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Thanks for the Numbers


Thanks for the numbers. Off to HD after getting off of work in a few hours to pick up the plug.

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