help with my service panel and home load question


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Question help with my service panel and home load question

here is my setup as best i can describe it. i am currently re wiring my entire house (with the help of my friend who is a licensed electrician, who is way to busy to really help me), any ways... my first question is what size service do you think i have. my specs are, i have an off peak meter feeding a small single fuse box panel which is for my electric water heater. next i have another meter which is 200 amp / 240 volts., it goes directly into a trough ( small rectangular metal box holding wires), and it breaks off to my main panel which is 100 amps with a 100 amp double pole breaker, then continuing down the trough it goes up to another main panel which is a 60 amp panel which is the home for all of my electric base board heat. there is no connection between the 2 main panels. im not sure if there is a split within the trough or at the meter. here is another clue im not sure of the wire sizes feeding my 2 main panels but, the 100 amp panel has a 3 wires (2 hot 1 neutral) about 5/8" thick copper, and my 2nd 60 amp main has 3 wires coming in about 3/8" thick in copper. outside coming in off the street is about 3/4" diameter wire (probably copper). would you think this is a 200 amp service coming into the house?? if not would it be best to upgrade to a 200 amp service.. ( i would love to have a 200 amp service but unsure of costs etc..). i have a 2000 square foot house in new england, with all electric base board heaters, and an in ground pool we use for 4 months out of the year. the stove is propane. any help, guesses, or insight would be great.
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Please use uppercase letters where appropriate and use paragraphs. It makes your posts easier to read and makes you look like you care enough to take the time to write properly.

From the sounds of things you have a 200 amp service.
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new information to help me determine if its a 200 amp service.

Thank you for the reply... Sorry about the typing it was very late for me..

Any how, i opened up the trough and inside was 2 hots and 1 neutral coming off the meter. The cable were wrapped in the older fabric type coating and had no size markings on them. They appear to be about 5/8 or 3/4" thick and are copper.

Those 3 cables from the meter then went into the trough and split at the ends. From each end one cable went to my 100 amp panel and one went to my 60 amp panel for my electric heat. I can tell you that the 100 amp cables going in said size 3 on it and it is copper, and the other one going to the 60 amp panel said size 6 and is copper as well..

Is this concrete evidence of a 200 amp service??

Is there any other way i can tell.
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call the power company


one simple solution is to just call your power company...

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