Switch with timer for outdoor light?


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Switch with timer for outdoor light?


As the topic stated, is there any such thing? Here's the situation. We're re-doing our garge into a rec room. The people before us had a small 50watt outdoor light that they spliced a 3-prong cord and just hooked into a outlet. We just added a timer, the real bulky type. I just want a switch but also with some way of using a timer. Is there a way either by switch or are they lights (motion included) that has this feature?

Kenny J
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Yes, they make switches that include timers. Everything from simple once a day on and off to multiple programs for each day of the week and automatic adjustment for the changing sunrise/sunset times and daylight savings time.
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Or maybe you mean a timer that will automatically shut off 60 minutes after you turn it on. I like those simple mechanical "turn-past" timers. Cheap and easy to install. They come in a variety of different maximum time lengths.

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